The Chameleon Strategist team offers the latest in effective Augmented Reality App Development services to help your businesses stay ahead of the competition. Our AR app development offering extends to all of the most utilized platforms on Android and iOS. Our Augmented Reality experts deliver these services using 3D modeling & visualization, 360-degree panoramic imaging, character identification, location-based tracking, and more.

Augmented Reality App Development

As one of the few Augmented Reality App Developers, we deliver stable and secure AR applications, including gaming apps for Android, iOS, and Windows, with the latest OS compatibility. Our specialized development team uses popular frameworks like ARKit, SparkAR, and Vuforia,  allowing us to provide efficient tactics to boost user engagement through immersive AR features.

Augmented Reality App Design

Our expert panel of UI/UX designers have hands-on experience in creating engaging 3D interfaces for Augmented Reality applications to maximize user interactivity. While working on creating the best UI/UX design for AR applications, competent app interfaces, and function prototypes, we strictly adhere to prominent style guides and design methodologies.

AR App Integration And Testing

As we are always blending in to make our clients stand out, our AR App Integration helps you create a competitive advantage, so we conduct extensive and in-depth quality tests to ensure seamless app performance and make required AR integrations to enhance user engagements. Without the right support, this can become extremely complicated, so we provide ongoing support, testing and integration for our clients.We provide regular app checkups, end-to-end performance monitoring, and required optimizations to make your AR-based web and mobile applications perform at their peak efficiency.

  AR Game App Development

Gaming technology is always evolving, and AR technology allows the limitless potential to produce mind blowing gaming experiences. With our extensive expertise in many realms of reality technologies, we can design and develop interactive AR-based 2D/3D gaming apps for mobile, social media, and web. From a simplistic location-based mobile game or a high-end FPSs with smart glasses support – our team of expert Augmented Reality games app developers can help.